Homework 02

Due date: 2022-09-12

  1. OS4 Exercises within Section 1.2: 1.6, 1.10

  2. OS4 Exercises within Section 1.3: 1.16, 1.18

  3. Using the dataset named email from class, provide R code to do the following.

    • Read the dataset email into RStudio and name it appropriately;

    • pick at least four variables from this data frame;

    • extract observation number 171’s values for these four variables and describe in one English sentence the output;

    • create a table of two variables of your choice;

    • interpret in English one value within your table;

    • calculate the sample mean number of attached files per email and describe the sample mean in one English sentence.

  4. re: Introduction to Data; Using a Computer to Sample. Provide the one line of code to sample 3 names randomly from the vector of names, named x.

  5. re: Introduction to Data; Fat Baby Hamsters. Answer the four questions on the slide.