Banet Lab Collaboration

Dr. Banet's lab, in part, studies the long term effects of increased stress in juvenile fish and, separately, the predation on juvenile salmon by non-native species. I help the Banet lab with some of their statistical analyses regarding these research topics.

Stan - a probabilistic programming language

Stan is software targeting Bayesian statistics and, more generally, high-performance statistical computing. The core development team is a friendly and active group of computer programmers turned statisticians -- or is it the other way around? Contributing to the Stan code base is great fun and a terrific way to learn/practice programming.


Dr. Simon Bonner and I developed a predator preferences model, following the work of Dr. Strauss's linear index. Our method models predator preferences across an array of prey species and times.


Follw up paper
Code: CRAN | GitHub

OpenIntro Statistics with R

I'm deriving an R specific version of the free and open source book, OpenIntro Statistics.

Code: GitHub