Due: 2019-08-28 by 11:59pm

  1. Go to and create a free account. If you want to get more involved, order a GitHub Student Developer Pack.

  2. Email your username/handle to me at eroualdes@csuchico.edu. Your email should mimic the example below.

    subject: MATH 314 GitHub [handle]

    body: [handle]

  3. Install git. There is two general options.

    1. Install git through the Anaconda shell. Go to an Anaconda prompt and type out conda install git.

    2. you’re own your own. *nix users should just use their system’s package manager – that’s Homebrew for you mac OS people.

  4. Introduce yourself to Git. If you installed Anaconda and will use Git through the Anaconda command line, follow Git/Bash/Anaconda. Otherwise, follow these instructions. Please don’t ignore the link to Appendix A. Ignore anything that has to do with the programming language R or its IDE RStudio.

  5. See How To Git